VISION – People are naturally deceitful, self-centered, unhelpful, and lazy. Why should you be any different, unless there is something in it for you?

MISSION – To help people explore their nature – and to show them how to identify all the forces that act upon them that are entirely out of their control; to place blame where it is due; and to enrich ourselves.

PRINCIPLES – Do you mean to say, in this day and age, anyone cares about principles.


  • Employers with money to burn
  • Unemployed due to no fault of their own
  • Underemployed due to no fault of their own
  • Overworked because the boss is crazy
  • Afraid of losing their employment because the economy stinks
  • Retired because they took a package
  • Students looking for work experience without doing any work
  • Returning to work – NOT
  • Interested in being of use to others – NOT
  • Interested in teaching or learning – NOT


  • Support for your ideas, whether true or false
  • Articles that offer specific guidance and help for others so they can better serve you
  • A blog in which you can comment on the stupidity of


There is a humongous shortage of work – The economy is a mess because politicians do not follow the will of the people like you, who are the ultimate authority on how things should be done. There is nothing you can do about this other than lobby for an extension of unemployment benefits.

We’re all in this for ourselves– Our social, economic, and even personal problems are caused by other people not working to solve our social, economic, and personal problems. Isn’t this obvious?

Self-interest, enlightened or otherwise – You should meet your own needs, first, foremost, and exclusively. If some chump wants to give you something, take it. If some idiot wants to help you, let them knock themselves out.

Time is money – If anyone wants any of your precious time, make them pay you.

We live in a world of scarcity – Because there isn’t enough to go around, that is why you must grab as much of the world as possible for yourself.

We own the means of our own consumption – Why kill yourself making something for a 20% profit if you can wait until after Christmas and buy it 40% off?

Learn to demand help – There are more people willing to help you than you might expect if they behaved like you. During hard times, many foolish people will work for you without pay and you should exploit the opportunity when it presents itself.

Give something in return – Like advice, and other cheap things.

Borrow it forward – It costs a lot of money to buy everything you might possibly want, so avoid the tremendous effort and, instead, borrow from your kids.

If you want to learn something, you should be committed – Why bother doing something if someone is already doing it. Why learn something if someone already knows it – and, if someone is willing to teach it, then, obviously, someone already knows it.

If you want to work, get over it – If someone else will take care of you, why bother. If someone won’t take care of you, make them.

Let your desires be your guide – The way you can tell if you need something is because your inner voice says, “I want it.”

Take the BS by the horns – Your problems are  caused by politicians, the economy, selfish businesspeople, and your personal lack of greed.

The Law of Distraction – The Secret: Get them to look the other way, and then grab what you want and run.

Our motto: “It is never your fault, and there is absolutely nothing you can ever do about anything.”


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