The Graduate-Proof Recession


Charlie Hoehn wrote an e-book called “The Recession-Proof Graduate” that he published online for free. He claims to explain how a recent college graduate can become recession-proof and get a job even in tough economic times.  I didn’t read it, and neither should you. It’s bullshit.

Working for Free Leads to a Job? Good luck with that!

It’s hard to get a job in this recession – that’s why you’re on this site. Millions of people are out of jobs, and you’re one of them. Even if you’re a graduate of one of the top schools in the country, you could still be out of a job. If an expensive education does not guarantee success, this is proof that things suck and there’s nothing you can do about it.

I assume Hoehn says that there is something you can do about your situation. But, in fact, there is not, so don’t read what he has to say.

You are deeply screwed, and blaming yourself cannot help you out of it. Whatever his argument, it probably relies on the idea of you helping yourself. It is therefore impossible and not worth trying.

Based on what I have read about what he has written, Hoehn goes on to advise people to work for free, which is foolish at any time, but especially during a recession when there is less money to go around. The surest way to get money is to demand it. When money is scarce, only those who ask for it will receive it. By not asking for money for his own book, Hoehn demonstrates his ignorance of this basic law of economics.

Again, I’ve never read a page of “The Recession-Proof Graduate.” That’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I hope you can make that decision too. The best that can be said for this book is that it’s free, so it’s not a waste of your money. It is, however, a waste of your time, which could be better spent telling people what to do with their time.


Author: Brooke Allen

Founder – Viral Virtue, Inc.

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